2023-24 Season Schedule

Due to the delay in Clinton Arena opening, our season will not begin until Monday, October 2.

Our 2023-24 season runs from October 2 through April 7. Ice show rehearsals will begin February 26, 2024. All class time will be used for group rehearsals. Rehearsal times will not follow the schedule below. Rehearsal schedules will be included in ice show information packets distributed in January.

Skater Levels

Our program is structured according to the US Figure Skating programs.

Learn to Skate USA

Snowplow Sam - Beginners level, typically under 3
Basic Skills - Any skater working in the Badge Program (Badge 1-6), typically age 5 and up
Bridge - Freestyle Badges 1 - 4

US Figure Skating

Skaters who have completed the Learn to Skate USA program and are moving into the US Figure Skating program, including Skating Skills, Single and Pairs Free Skate, Ice Dance and more.

Synchronized Skating

We have three synchro teams ranging in level from Basic Skills through Gold level skaters. Our teams welcome skaters from other clubs to join our teams as well. 

Weekly Ice Schedule